Grand Theft Auto IV Classic% speedruns have some restrictions to encourage route planning and driving. Many of the strategies for this page and my run are lifted directly from the hard work done by SCM and ExplodingCabbage for their any% runs.

General Advice

The game

    • Classic% is: autosave disabled, vehicle density 33%, no fast travel via taxi service.

    • Start the timer when you cancel the first cutscene and stop the timer when you cancel the final cutscene.

    • You can use the mouse to operate the phone.

    • An hour here means an in-game hour or two minutes of wall clock time.

    • Almost every cutscene can be skipped with space, enter, mouse1 or A on the controller. Some cutscenes can only be skipped with one or two of these, some with any of them.

    • The best way to practice missions without altering the flow of game time or timers is to enable autosave then play through the entire game once, stopping after every autosave to rename the automatically generated save file (SGTA412) to something memorable like the next mission name. Copy this file back into the savegames directory as SGTA400 through SGTA411 and practice away.

  • Several missions are on timers or are available only at certain times as noted below. Use Pay-n-Sprays to advance the game clock by three hours. Save the game at any safehouse to advance the game clock by six hours. If you have an appointment scheduled for the interim, your alarm clock will wake you before the six hours have expired.

    • Jump up and down stairs where you can.

  • In-game Vsync can adversely affect load times if disabled.

Phone calls

    • Required phone calls are received about one hour after the previous event, (phone call or mission.) You cannot receive calls if the phone is raised.

    • You can call a few people early, but most insist on calling you.

    • You can receive a phone call immediately after buying something from a store or vendor, but examining an item to buy cancels the call.

    • There is a bit of randomness in the phone call order. All else being equal, the order of phone calls might be different than the last play through.

    • Sometimes it’s better, if you’re expecting phone calls, to plan to drive to a more distant mission rather than go straight into the closest mission marker.

    • Some phone calls might occur not immediately after the mission that triggers them but only after completing an intervening and unrelated mission (or five.)

    • Phone calls have different priorities. Higher priority calls will arrive before any low priority calls. Date calls have the lowest priority.

    • Any required phone call can be hung up immediately after connection and still counted as a success. However, cancelling a call through external means, (obtaining a wanted level, starting a Unique Jump, falling down, etc.,) while still talking fails the call and you must wait another hour for the contact to call back.

    • Nico calls the mission initiator, that is to say the person for whom Nico was working, to report in after almost every mission. However, these phone calls are not required to complete the game and will not be noted below. Feel free to skip them with abandon.


    • Damage / Second is averaged over a minute, including reloads. The bullets from both the SMG and the Micro-SMG do identical damage each and at the same rate of fire, but the SMG needs to reload more often. However, the SMG is more accurate at a greater range so YMMV.

    • Head shots are efficient and quick. Shoot heads the right way: with a mouse.

    • Reload. A lot.


    • I personally conducted the time trials on a cross-town route. I didn’t throw out runs with small errors, so consider them accurate to each other within about 5 seconds. All cars at least as fast as the Huntley Sport are listed. If you’re in a car not listed, find another.

    • Speed and acceleration information were collected from a wiki and don’t seem to be accurate relative to the trainer I used, but do seem to be accurate relative to each other. In other words, I got the Comet to over 100 MPH, but none of the others.

    • There’s a fast police car and a slow one.

    • You can drive fast with a keyboard, (I know, I learned that method first,) but you can never reach the level of control at speed available with an actual Xbox 360 or other analog controller. The game just was not written that way.

    • Find the racing line on corners and use it every time. Break early, hit the apex, accelerate through the turn, aim for the exit point.

    • Smash your window before you need to shoot out of it, it can make the difference.

    • You can shoot the window of a parked car to skip an animation, but at greater risk of attracting the police.

    • Entering a vehicle via a near passenger door takes about the same time as running around.

    • Accelerate your vehicle immediately to skip closing doors and donning helmets.

    • Start running immediately on exit to leave your door open, or knock it off to leave it open permanently.


    • Stick to alleys and side streets to decrease, but not entirely eliminate, the chances of being spotted by police.

    • Hide in alleys between tall buildings and under bridges and viaducts to avoid helicopters.

    • Avoid striking pedestrians, they’ll call the cops and the wanted circle will jump forward.

    • Stop in a hidden place just outside the wanted circle and wait for the stars to vanish.


    • Helicopters are faster only if very convenient to obtain and hold.

Mission-Specific Advice

The Cousins BellicThe shortest route is to J-turn, weave through the containers, break the gate, and take a right at the top of the hill.

It’s Your Call

Quick and dangerous route is through the park. Wheelspin turn to reverse in place. Cancel the first call on “you winning?” Make the second call when the target car is through the shadows, cancel on “Cousin”. After the mission, either wait at marker or go to police station to pick up a handgun.

Three’s A Crowd

Shortest route is through empty lot, handbrake turn into the marker to face the other way, honk and cancel quickly. Pick up handgun next to Michelle’s apartment if needed. Steal cop car on way to clothing store. Buy item on closest rack (jeans.) Triggers a call from Michelle for First Date/Bleed Out which you can make early.

Bleed Out

Drive just far enough toward Michelle’s to trigger Roman’s call, then turn through intersection toward the courts. To skip the cutscene and knock down the fence, drive between the tree and the small fence behind the parked cars. Knock down the tall fence and park just inside on the court. Exit the car, close the door, but do not advance. Use the handgun to headshot both attackers, then run to Roman. ADS immediately after cancelling the cutscene, and shoot Dardan as he runs for the car. An early shot will knock him down; finish him for a knife. A late shot means you need headshots to the driver to finish him. In this case, you’ll need to pick up a knife for the second part of Final Interview. Wait for Roman or drive past an obstacle to block his door for a chance at his teleporting into the car.

First Date

You can choose First Date before Bleed Out, however Roman will die and need to be picked up at the hospital first. Any game activity is enough for Michelle, pool at Jacob's cafe are closest. Initiate, then cancel the game. Drive her home. Handbrake turn into the marker.

Easy Fare

Handbrake turn into Jermaine’s marker. Drive through the park, avoiding the pedestrians, and into the alleyway next to the gun shop to consistently lose the wanted level. Move toward the Pay-N-Spray for the end marker, then start looking for a fast car that you can use until Crime & Punishment.

Jamaican Heat

Climb the platform at the back of the alley to pick up an SMG. Tag the Micro-SMG behind Jacob's cafe for SMG ammo. Call Roman after the mission. Drive toward Comrade’s bar and wait for Vlad’s call. Alternatively, call Jacob for Concrete Jungle, but you’ll have a Turismo later with no added travel distance. Triggers a call from Roman which you can make, a call from Jacob for Concrete Jungle which you can make, and one from Vlad which you must receive.

Bull In A China Shop

Park next to the sewer grate before the shop so as to minimize walking later, one bullet to either shop window will finish the mission. Wait outside Comrade’s after the mission. If you haven’t yet, call Jacob while you wait for Jungle.

Hung Out To Dry

Shoot the laundromat door to trigger the chase, drive down the stairs to the right of the shop, just before the highway ramp, then shoot the van to stop it. Avoid shooting the van’s windows as killing the owner fails the mission. Drive back to Comrade’s, but park at the safehouse to avoid losing your car during the next mission.

Clean Getaway

You can drive to the silver Blista if it’s faster. Nico wants to use the back door of the front car, so walk to meet it as the train arrives. Hop over the railing after the first flight of steps down. Steal the car quickly and drive to the Pay-N-Spray in Broker, this advances the game clock, but as no mission timers have yet started, there is no consequence for mission routing. Run back to Comrade’s.

Ivan the Not So Terrible

Retrieve your parked car, approach the depot from the far side, take a shortcut past the police station and beat Ivan to the construction site. Empty at least a full SMG magazine into Ivan to skip the foot chase. Drive back to the depot.

Uncle Vlad

Handbrake turn into the marker at Comrade’s, run out the front door. Drive through the gate at the bottom of the hill for a shortcut. One shotgun shell to the chest will finish Vlad. Triggers a call from Roman.

Crime and Punishment

Call Roman immediately after the tutorial text vanishes, (don’t get too close to Perestroika or Roman won't pick up.) Skip the cutscene and run down the street to meet the arriving police cruiser. Wanted levels and Dimitri’s phone call are immaterial to the vans’ spawning so steal the cruiser and rush to the first van. Park so the front window of the cruiser is next to the front door of the van. There might be a way to see inside the van for two people then drive away before the “Pull Over” instruction, but I haven’t found it. Pull over the third van if required, shoot the passenger. Steal the first available car after parking the van. Triggers a call from Roman for Do You Have Protection? which you can make.

Do You Have Protection?

Take the Turismo parked at the side of the house. Handbrake turn into the sex shop marker, nose out. Threaten the first guy, threaten and kneecap the second guy, kneecap the first guy, then, after the third guy kneels, kneecap him and run out. Buy the requisite Micro-SMG and some mags, reserving at least $500; buy armor.

Concrete Jungle

Call Jacob if necessary, drive the Turismo to his place. Pick up armor next to the arch if required and the SMG across the street unless you need the Micro-SMG for Search and Delete. This mission auto-equips the handgun, you’ll need to re-equip the SMG several times to use it throughout. Shoot the last two enemies through the glass and wall as they appear. Drive to Jacob’s place after the mission.


Pay the toll, you can’t enter the marker in Bohan with a wanted level. Park the Turismo in the safehouse lot and make your way to the marker. Stay behind the target or fail the mission. Jump up the stairs to beat the target to the apartment and start the gunfight early. (Careful, the door could lock behind you; suicide by the propane tank in the kitchen is the only way out.) Run back to your parked car, (there’s a second door on the ground floor,) and drive to Perestroika. Triggers a call from Roman which you can make and one from Jacob which might not be strictly necessary.

Final Destination

Drive the Turismo back to Bohan, skip the toll: your wanted level is immaterial. Pick up a knife near the toll booth if you haven’t yet. Given the mission’s Banshees and your Turismo, several sports cars will likely have spawned near your parking space. Bohan lacks fast cars, yet several missions leave you here so collect as many as is feasible, (probably two or three,) in your parking spot and make your way to the platform. It’s possible to beat the train across the platform, or shoot the Micro-SMG enemy and take down the target on the opposite stairs. Drive the Banshee back to the depot.

Logging On

Threaten the clerk to access her workstation or use one of the customer terminals. Drive to Faustin’s. Triggers a call from Roman which you can make.

No Love Lost

Kill the target as soon as possible. Drive the motorcycle to Faustin’s.

Rigged to Blow

Drive the Turismo to the truck. Skip the toll. Wait for the cop to arrive, steal his car and drive to Brucie’s garage. Triggers the last in a chain of calls from Roman that triggers the missions Search and Delete and The Master and the Molotov. If you haven’t received all of these calls yet, call Roman repeatedly until you see the markers appear.

Search and Delete

A police computer is required to actuate the target’s marker. The Micro-SMG will destroy the car with one clip. Take the cliff jump to Brucie’s place.

Easy As Can Be

Take the shortcut up the grass bluff. Drive fast to outpace the magic cars.

The Master and the Molotov

Regenerate health. Go around the corner of Perestroika to pick up armor: damage can be high during this mission. After the cutscene, jump onto the stage. After the dialog, run along the wall and duck through the door behind the two enemies as they enter. Shoot Faustin as he ascends the stairs. Leave through the front doors to retrieve your vehicle. Triggers a call from Dimitri which you can make. This call is restricted by geography, if you are too close to the shootout location, Dimitri will not answer. The taxi depot seems to be the closest.

Russian Revolution

Call Dimitri after the tutorial disappears and after losing any wanted level, then drive straight to where Jacob spawns. Health and armor are available in the warehouse, but you’ll need to kill a few enemies to get to it. Drive a police cruiser to Jacob’s cafe, cutting through the park to lose your pursuers. Triggers a call from Dimitri and one from Roman which you can make.

Roman’s Sorrow

Call Roman immediately after the tutorial text disappears and drive into the marker behind Faustin’s lockup. Follow the markers in either order, then up to Bohan. Do not park in your safehouse lot or your saved cars will despawn. Triggers a call from Dimitri which is necessary and one from Brucie which might not be.

Escuela of the Streets

Drive a throwaway vehicle to Manny’s place because he will steal it after the mission.

Street Sweeper

Shoot the driver first, then shoot the rest as they move toward the car. Exit the vehicle to get better aim. Triggers a call from Mallorie for Luck of the Irish which you can make.

Luck of the Irish

Drop down onto the fire escape stair to skip the tutorial, but be careful: the explosive barrels are not usually charged and Packie is exposed to his attackers. Otherwise, shoot the barrels when the targets are within range of the explosions.

Blow Your Cover

Your car will be lost during this mission. After the deal goes sour, run straight into the hall and up the stairs. Start shooting cops as you near the top of the first flight. It is possible to drop off the roof of the second building down to your getaway car, but I haven’t timed it. Triggers a call from Roman which is necessary, a call from Michelle which is necessary, a text from Playboy X for Deconstruction for Beginners, and a call from Jacob which may not be necessary. There is time to park Sultans if you see any.

Deconstruction for Beginners

Your car will be lost during this mission. Drive the SUV into the lot, up the ramp, and across the roof, shooting enemies along the way. Triggers a call from Playboy X which may not be necessary.

Out of the Closet…

Fly a helicopter from the strip near the construction site to Brucie’s place, then up to the Broker Internet cafe. The second part of this mission, (the date,) is not required to finish the game. However, leaving the second part unfinished trigger daily texts from Roman which might add to the time required to receive other texts and phone calls.

The Puerto Rican Connection

Fly the helicopter to Manny’s place, then to to first marker. Try to fly into the marker slowly, but without touching down. Follow the train tracks, staying just ahead of the train. Be careful to not get too far ahead of the train, as the heli is much faster and you’ll fail the mission. Park in the intersection and finish the target.

Photo Shoot

Don’t bother with taking a photo, just shoot everyone quickly. Then either take the Sabre GT that spawns at the courts or keep your helicopter. Triggers a call from Elizabeta which you can make.

The Snow Storm

There’s a convenient explosive barrel available in the building. If you flew here, take the nearby boat to Jacob as the wanted level is inescapable in a helicopter, or drive your Sabre GT through the alleyways to lose your pursuers. Triggers a call from Michelle for Wrong is Right and a call from Mallorie.

Have a Heart

Drive the car a safe distance from Elizabeta’s place, (a certain radius,) then drop a grenade under the car to complete the mission. The Bohan safehouse is far enough. Picking up a saved Turismo might be a good idea, you’ll keep it for a while. Triggers phone calls from Mallorie for Hostile Negotiation and Packie for Harbouring a Grudge. Also triggers a timer (20 hours?) for a call from Mallorie about Elizabeta’s incarceration which might not be necessary.

This mission is special because it opens two difficult mission branches. One of these, Hostile Negotiation, is on a timer which works like this: Mallorie calls immediately after the next mission to complain about Roman. Then, 24 hours after the first call and between missions, she will call again to initiate Hostile Negotiation. Plan accordingly.

Call and Collect

The target always looks the same, but moves to one of a few locations each time. Just spot him and shoot. Head straight for the park and then straight north to Francis’ marker to lose your pursuers. This is a good mission to take now because long drive times leaves space for the many phone calls that are arriving.

Final Interview…

This mission starts a timer for …Final Interview. There seems to be a window during which completing this mission assigns a given time to the interview appointment. In other words, completing this mission at the same place in the mission tree gives the same interview time every time. The time at which the lawyers call with an appointment seems to have no bearing on the appointment time. Plan accordingly. This is a good time to hit Perseus for a suit and take more phone calls.

Wrong Is Right

The important email is always the top one. Pre-fire after the cutscene as your reticle is automatically perfectly placed for a headshot. Keep shooting for a quick kill.

Harbouring a Grudge

Packie’s climbing is on a timer, so as long as you don’t delay him and win the race to the roof, no time will be lost. This is a good place to collect SMG ammo. Shoot the pursuers, sometimes they can destroy the van.

Portrait of a Killer

Drive straight to the targets, they will be available as soon as the mission starts, even if you don’t search the police computer.

Waste Not Want Knots

Arrive with a 4-door car, (a Huntley Sport can drive onto the subway tracks from the the top of the bridge on ramp, then through the bridge supports over the mission marker,) otherwise drive around the long way. Hop the first fence, then turn right and start shooting gas cannisters before rushing the building. Packie will teleport in right after you. Accelerate the boat as soon as Packie has both feet on the deck. The lawyers will probably call after this mission. This mission triggers a call from Packie for Three Leaf Clover which you can make and one from Ray for A Long Way to Fall which you must receive.

Three Leaf Clover

Call Packie for this mission marker as soon as you have control after Waste Not Want Knots, stealing a nearby car is always a wanted level. Arrive in a suit and 4-door car between 06:00 - 19:00. The lawyers will probably call now, so wait a bit before entering the mission marker. The armor near the cop car in the alleyway spawns before you enter the bank, so stop before entering if you need it. Focus your fire only on the cops with a red radar blip, your compatriots will finish most of the rest. Pick up the armor if you haven’t already, then cut through the alleyway and turn right toward the subway entrance. A grenade at the ticket gates makes it easy to rush the four cops. The surface police are triggered when you approach the top of the final stairs, but if you hurry, you can gain a little ground on Packie and Derrick without leaving them behind, allowing you to have the Huntley waiting. Use the walkway on the lower level of the Algonquin Bridge as a shortcut back to Packie's place, (also works very well to avoid the police.) Triggers phone calls from Packie for Smackdown and from Gerry for Actions Speak Louder Than Words. Gerry’s must be received, but I don’t know about Packie’s.

A Long Way to Fall

The contact in the courtyard is the same and in the same place every time. If you kill the contact toward the end of his speech, he won't call ahead to the guards, and the first floor will not aggro. Take the elevator to the top, shoot all the guys. Duck into and out of the kitchen as quickly as possible, then cancel the cutscene. You can shoot Teddy from the top of the stairs on the roof.

Taking in the Trash

Stay on the throttle as much as possible, head down the one-way street and handbrake turn into the second marker. Run out through the hole in the fence to find a car.


With the Banshee, cut through the courtyard at the start of the chase and climb the stairs to cut a few blocks. Shoot the doors on all the stalls. At the end, park your Banshee with all four tires on the road or you risk despawning it.

Museum Piece

Gear up with health and armor. Do not run over Johnny. When the shooting starts, turn left and shoot the enemy by the railing. Walk to his position and hop over the railing, aiming for the tail of the dinosaur skeleton below you. If you hit it, Nico will tumble to the floor safely and you can run out through the closest door. Failure to hit it means Nico will likely die. Head toward Hostile Negotiation to end the chase.

Hostile Negotiation

Park your Banshee at the safehouse and make your way to the warehouse. Learn the locations of all the explosive canisters, there are many and they will kill you unless you use them to kill the enemies first. The Bobcat will make the Unique Jump across the harbor toward the safehouse, but just barely. Use the right stick to speed up the animation. Triggers a call from Roman for the Algonquin safehouse and a call from Dimitri.

…Final Interview

Buy a suit at the nearby Perseus. Use the knife, and only the knife, to kill the lawyer. Then either shoot out the window and leap to the street or put the knife away and run back out the front door.

Holland Nights

Stand in the crosswalk across the street from the mission marker at the projects and snipe the target on the balcony.

Dust Off

Use a fast car for the chase. Drive down the dock toward the waiting helicopter and drive-by shoot as many enemies as you can. This mission starts a timer (20 hours?) for a call from UPS for Paper Trail.

Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Take the Sentinel that spawns behind Packie’s house. At the final marker, make the detonate call while inside your car or it will despawn. Call quickly to catch more enemies.

I Need Your Clothes, Your Boots, and Your Motorcycle

Start shooting as soon as possible. Avoid the burning car wreck, it tends to explode. Cut through the car park toward the next mission.


Take a nearby police car to the Burger Shot, then search the computer. Cut corners where possible to speed up Bucky’s truck. Park facing south and get out shooting. Head through the alleys toward the next marker.


Aim for the boat pilots. The fourth boat can be ignored. Staying just behind the protected boat at the end seems to make it go the fastest: it stops if you are in front of it.


The ammo car must be entered to proceed, but you can leave it parked if you have a faster car. Stop for a suit. Do not park too close to the target or you risk despawning your car. After the enemy is killed, turn to the right and leap to the fire escape across the alley, run down a flight and leap to the street.

Tunnel of Death

Rocket one police car, then rifle the rest. Loop through the tunnel once, allowing the cops to bunch up inside the tunnel, then make a break for the parking spot, shooting any stray cops on the way out. Hide in the grass to the left of the tunnel exit until your stars vanish. One shotgun shell will finish Aiden.

Paper Trail

The low priority call for this mission from ULP arrives 11 hours after the completion of Dust Off. However, this 11 hours seems to not be advanced by saving or using the Pay-n-Spray like most timers. Also, the call will not arrive if you are too close to the helicopter spawn point. You can be in the first alley to the south, (off of Frankfurt Avenue, just past the green space,) but not much closer. Cut corners on the flight path to save time. The first two shots always miss. Try to stay as close to the target as possible.

Blood Brothers

Shoot Francis on the right for a shorter Undertaker mission route. Triggers a call from Packie for Undertaker.


Packie’s call for this mission seems to be low priority and chances for its immediate arrival seem to improve if you complete Blood Brothers and all other story phone calls before about 04:00 so that it can arrive between 06:00 - 19:00. Rifle all the enemies and drive straight to the cemetery. Triggers a call from Gerry for I’ll Take Her… which must be received.

No Way on the Subway

Cut corners on the way to the subway entrance, then shoot the biker with long dark hair as he drops onto the tracks and then start down into the tunnel, no need to wait on the second biker. Start shooting at the final biker a couple hundred meters before the end of the bridge.

Weekend at Florian’s

Ray calls at low priority between 5:45 - 18:45. Pick up Talbot and then drive straight to Bernie’s, no need for the directions. Triggers a timer for the four wedding calls that are, in order, Mallorie, Roman, Brucie, and Kate. Triggers calls from Bernie for Hating the Haters and from ULP and Dimitri, all of which much be received.

Late Checkout

If you have time, and it is between 04:00 - 22:00, wait for the call for Hating the Haters. Exit the front door of the hotel and drive to the alley in the back. Take the washer platform to the roof and enter from the top. Shoot the canister on the grill. Do not kill the third target in the kitchen to save spawning a few guards. Leave the way you came in, picking up an armor on the roof.

Hating the Haters

Available between 04:00 - 22:00. Consider taking Bernie’s Comet. Try to catch the hater on the stairs with an SMG shot, then finish him before he stands up. If you miss and he teleports, hit him with 3 shots from the sniper rifle as he scooters away.

Union Drive

Available between 04:00 - 22:00. Pre-fire the enemy after the cutscene, continuing to fire as they escape.

I’ll Take Her…, …I’ll Take Her

The first part has no time restriction; the second part can be done separately but only between 08:00 - 21:00. Doing the both together can be convenient. Drive Gracie directly toward the kidnapping spot, damaging the car slightly two times just before arriving to trigger the marker. This mission triggers a timer for a call from Packie for the photo mission. Plan to complete this mission early and to have several Bell/Pegorino missions available and working the photo in shouldn’t be too inconvenient. Taking the photo triggers a call from Ray which may not be necessary.

Truck Hustle

Stop for a suit on the way north. Use the assault rifle to empty the shooting gallery, then button mash your way onto the truck. Take the shortcut through the alley toward the old house. Triggers a call from Bell for Pegorino’s Pride, which you can make.

Pegorino’s Pride

Take the Sanchez to Pegorino’s place, calling Bell on the way. Leap up the stairs to the lookout. Shoot the enemies, then turn directly around and hop the railing. On the pipe below, walk to the right then drop to the ground. Outside, shoot the enemies you can see upon exiting, then run up the hill to the right of the industrial building and head all the way to the back, then enter from the rear to pick up Pegorino. Don’t move after the final cutscene to automatically trigger the Payback in an hour. Triggers a call from Ray which may not be necessary.


There are a few corners to cut on the way to the shootout, try going straight while keeping the target to your right. The enemies like to bunch up with their heads exposed, making multiple headshots easy. Triggers a call from ULP for Entourage which you must receive.

Catch the Wave

Drive right into the mission marker, the bouncer won’t mind. In the van, immediately turn east through the alley toward Algonquin. On the bridge, take the left toward Bohan. At the junction over the marker, back the van over the wall to drop near the marker. Take the wall at a slight angle so that your van has a slight twist as it falls. Backing straight over might land you on the roof. There’s armor in the warehouse and outside on the dock. Explosive barrels help a little. Not all enemies must be killed. Aim for the boat pilots, then head straight for the end marker, Bell will catch up. There’s an NRG-900 waiting for you.


Walk in with weapons away, then shoot your way out as there’s no way to stealth the kill. Escape the helicopter through the viaduct or use the nearby Pay-n-Spray.


Enter through the front, shooting open the door. Armor is available at the beginning, health is available just after you leap onto the roof. Charlie is invulnerable until he is picked up by the helicopter. One RPG is enough to kill the heli.

To Live and Die in Alderney

At the end of the mansion driveway is a small hill that will launch your car over the fence. You can cut a few corners on the way to the shootout as long as you stay close to Bell. Use another rocket to take out the helicopter, then stick to the alleys to escape your pursuers.


Use your car to push the lead car through the red lights. Stay in the alley and wait for the enemies to come to you. Shoot the enemy cars’ drivers and then rush toward the end marker.

Buoys Ahoy

Available between 05:45 - 18:45. Pre-fire the enemy boat with the SMG, as the Micro-SMG lacks the required rage, and you might be able to kill it before it passes under the pier.

Dining Out

Get lots of head shots, pick up armor in the manager’s office then shoot him. Pick up health in the kitchen. Run along the fire escape with the target toward the car and shoot him in the driver’s seat, then shoot the passenger. Take the NRG-900.

She’s a Keeper

Reverse direction and then drive down the stairs onto the highway. Dodge the enemies and drive straight for the lockup.

Pest Control

Take a shortcut toward the filling station and wait for Ray with an assault rifle directly in the enemies’ path. Shoot both drivers, the shoot all the passengers and anybody who exits the cars.

Liquidize the Assets

Either advance down the loading docks, taking out all the enemies with your rifle, then grenade all the vans where they sit. Or start blowing vans while expecting to take out evacuating vans as they attempt to escape.

Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend

Expect ULP to call for That Someone Special just before you enter the mission marker. Taking the call is not recommended as it means an extra trip across town. For a shortcut, turn right and exit the highway the wrong way down the on ramp next to the toll booth and past oncoming traffic. Use grenades on the first two cars but use a rifle on the passengers of the third so you can use it as a getaway car. Triggers a call from Dimitri which must be received.

That Someone Special

Drive straight for Firefly Island to pick up Roman. If you’re flying, make sure you fly into the marker at the airport or your helicopter will get parked inside a building. Otherwise, consider picking up a Turismo at Faustin’s place after picking up Roman. Other options include picking up a Police Cruiser near Packie’s place or parking a sports car at the Broker safehouse during the first act. Triggers a call from Pegorino for One Last Thing.

One Last Thing

Skip the cutscene. The revenge ending is probably quicker.

A Dish Served Cold

If you’re flying, zoom right toward the marker, your momentum is arrested. After you board the ship, advance halfway to the bridge, then duck into the space between the two rows of hold doors and sprint toward the stern using the metal canyon for cover. Kill all the things, picking up two healths and two armors. After you open the doors, turn left out of the bridge, then hop over the rail next to the lifeboats toward the bow of the ship. Kill two enemies, then use the curved bulkhead to sprint on top of the hold doors. ADS as you sprint toward the open door or you risk getting trapped on the edge of the open door. Shoot the gas canisters on the way to Dimitri, then shoot him with a rifle at a distance. Triggers a call from Bell. Triggers, depending on the hour at which this mission is completed, one or two calls from Roman regarding Mr. and Mrs. Bellic: between 10:00 and 24:00, Roman calls twice, between 24:00 and 08:00 Roman calls once. Triggers a call from Kate between 08:00 - 10:00 for Mr. and Mrs. Bellic which you can make.

Mr. and Mrs. Bellic

Available between 08:00 - 10:00. Drive to the Pay-n-Spray to advance time if required. Pick up armor near the Broker Arch if required, then meet Kate. If you’re too close to the front door, she’ll spawn at the back, and vice versa. Triggers a call from Jacob for Out of Commission.

Out of Commission

Hopefully, you’ve saved a sports car from Act 1. Pick up armor near the meeting point with Jacob if required. There's a death warp to Jacob's car: wait for Jacob's text after waking up, then call him right back and drop a suicide grenade. You can trigger the post-chase cutscene if you can hop the railing at the top of the hill overlooking the destination. After the chase, rush up the hill past the grocery cart to the right, then run along the building to the door. Shoot the enemies inside as fast as you can, picking up the health if required. Outside, the car will flip if you hit it with a single shot before it stops. A final note, if you are unable to pull yourself into the helicopter, it could be because the rate at which you must mash the button seems to be tied to the game’s frame rate. Try enabling in-game Vsync and lowering the frame rate by increasing the graphics settings until you can mash the button fast enough to satisfy the game.


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